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Italian mushrooms

Quality and health in your table every day

Since its inception in 1980, Mushroom has been renowned for its prime quality mushrooms which are grown in a compost produced by itself in the company.

Great care is taken in all stages, starting from attentive choice of raw materials and down to the growing, which is carried out in a strictly controlled air-conditioned environment, to recreate the natural conditions of growth and development of the mushrooms themselves.

Mushrooms are picked manually to ensure immediate selection in terms of quality and size, in order to satisfy the different requirements of specific markets.


Always at the cutting edge

Mushroom is fully committed to studying, testing and producing new type of alternative substrate such as: Lentinus Edodes “Shi Take”, Pholiota Aegerita “Pioppino”, Pleurotus Cornucopiae “Yellow-Golden mushroom”, Pleurotus Eryngii “Cardoncello” as well as many others.

Mushroom, always attentive to consumer needs, has been certificated as a producer of natural organic mushrooms by competent bodies fully recognized by U.E.

A competent and reliable partner

For many years Mushroom has been supplying Europès main market and wholesalers and can promptly respond to diverse customer needs thanks to its highly qualified personnel and technical staff whose important objective is to guarantee premium quality and freshness.

MUSHROOM got the GLOBAL G.A.P. certification.