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“King Oyster”: the King of Pleurotus.
In nature grow in thistle plants, hence its name.
This noble mushroom, has hazel-brown hat, white and feshy stem, very consistent and tasty meat.
Its structure makes it crisp and consisting also after cooking. Great grilled or stir-fry.

A substantial, delicious addition to every dish!

Pioppino presents a hat deep brown color, with a long stem white-creamy with ring.
In nature it grows in poplar trees. It grows in small and pretty clumps.

Pioppino is appreciated worldwide for its unique flavor “woodland”.
Very suitable for pasta and rise dishes, but not only, also excellent with game or red meat.

Perfect for risotto!

Shi Take, Mushroom literally “mushroom Oak”, of Japanese descent, is among the most consumed and appreciated mushrooms in the world, both for its culinary characteristics, both for its important nutritional virtues, for which is used in oriental medicine by thousands of years. Shii Take therefore has a high nutritional value, it contains all the essential amino acids, excellent source of vitamins, especially vitamin D and B.

It is rich in minerals, including iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium. Contains optimal concentrations of beta-glucans.
Shii Take Mushroom presents a round hat, brown, white stem with lamellae cream.

It’s intense and pleasant flavour is suitable for all preparations.

Add a strong flavour to every dish you make!

The Pleurotus Cornucopiae “Yellow” is a fungus from the meat tender and delicate taste, the hat comes in a beautiful yellow, shaped like a cornucopia, stem and strip white. Tender mushroom, lends itself to a fast cooking. Suitable for starters but can also be used for omelettes and savoury tarts.

Enrich your tagliatelle pasta dishes!

The Pleurotus Ostreatus, called “Oyster mushroom”, presents a flat hat, shell-shaped, the various shades of gray, white stem and strip.
Pleurotus Ostreatus has a thick meat and tasty, ideal sautéed or grilled.

Try grilling some of these beauties!